12 Sleeves 12 months

Welcome to the official tumblr for the book project, 12 SLEEVES IN 12 MONTHS. This page is personally maintained by the madwoman behind the project, Eva Huber. Any and all post worthy progress relating to the book you will see floating around the webs of tumblr. Please enjoy, support, and most importantly, get tattooed!

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Rich, finally complete

Laura O, …complete <3 

..Sasha from a while back..

..Sasha from a while back..

Progress on Brittany&#8230;

Progress on Brittany…

Progress on Sasha&#8217;s leg&#8230;

Progress on Sasha’s leg…

Although this is not 12 sleeves related completely, it is a fun and humbling write up in a Mexican Tattoo Magazine!  Winter is just nearly here, maybe I should go visit them?

So even though this wonderful woman is NOT part of the project, she happened to sneak in and get her sleeve done in three sessions.  This is also her first tattoo.  HA!

we are so close it&#8217;s not even fair

we are so close it’s not even fair

aaand one more sitting for Patch and I swear we’ll be done! 

on miss Laura O!  so close, just one more sitting and I swear we&#8217;ll be done

on miss Laura O!  so close, just one more sitting and I swear we’ll be done